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Greenville Mothers Choose Their Favorite Flowers

At Dahlia, we have been asking Greenville moms to give us their favorite flowers, and the results are in!  Here's a synopsis of our survey, and a top tip on how to give them for Mother's Day.

1.  ROSES.  Believe it or not, roses still won out!  I believe roses will always be a top choice, thanks to history and fragrance.  Poems, stories and legends abound about roses.  And on top of that, their fragrance is divine. 

          TOP TIP: Not all roses are fragrant, but the ones that are, don't last as long.  However, the Mohanna Rose ( a gorgeous yellow rose) is long lasting AND fragrant.thumbnailCAQ0BH74.jpg

2.  HYDRANGEA.   A southern tradition came in a close second!  Just drive around any Greenville neighborhood to agree with this result.  Their large, drak green leaves frame the fluffy blooms nicely.

          TOP TIP:  Hydrangea need lots of water.  If buying cut stems, make sure to shave away a thin layer of the outside bark about 2" up from where you cut it, for maximum water intake.thumbnailCA1UL6M8.jpg

3. & 4.  LILIES AND DAISIES.  These two favorites tied for 3rd place.  Both blooms are impressive in size, and are shouting, "Hey, look at me!"  Some moms love lilies for their fragrance, and of course, daisies are the happiest of flowers.

          TOP TIP:  A great way to create an impressive arrangement for your mom is to combine lilies and daisies together.  Why?  Because of their contrasting shapes;  One is star and trumpet like, and the other is flat and round.  Combining the two allows for a very dynamic arrangement.thumbnailCA2R2RE0.jpg

5. & 6.  TULIPS AND CALLA LILIES.  Another tie!  Tulips and Callas remind me of 1920's Hollywood classic women, with their long, elegant sillouettes.  With both of these flowers, less is more.

          TOP TIP:  Tulips grow about an inch a day, and towards the sun.  For this reason, recutting the stems and turning the vase around daily will keep your tulips from getting out of control.  Calla lily stems will become mushy if in too much water.  They only need a couple of inches of clean water to stay hydrated.

7.  PEONIES.  Mostly in shades of pinks, peonies are famous for their abundance of fluttery petals.

          TOP TIP:  Peonies are appreciated by gardeners and floral designers alike, because their season is short lived.  So when a mother receives peonies in her bouquet, she knows that you are giving her something truly special.  When designing a flower bouquet, mix peonies with longer lasting flowers to maximize the life of the arrangement.thumbnailCAMS1W4V.jpg

8.  ORCHIDS.  Orchids come in so many varieties, and some are really fragrant.  Orchids are another bloom that stands well on their own.  We are in luck, here in the south, because orchids love high humidity.

          TOP TIP:  Dendrobium orchids as a cut flower stem are actually at about the same price as a rose.  For a truly elegant arrangement, a few stems of orchids added can definitely impress your mom.

9.  TRADITIONAL DAISIES.  These are the field daisies, with the yellow center.  They mean innocence, cheerfulness and beginnings.  A classic flower that has a long vase life.

          TOP TIP:  Daisies mixed with delphinium, larkspur and bells of Ireland create a true wildflower arrangement.  Add natural raffia or burlap as the bow, and your mom will feel loved!thumbnailCA817FP1.jpg

10.  ALL OTHER FLOWERS:  Iris, sunflowers, gardenia, lilacs, foxglove, daffodils and zinnias all made the list.  Moms definitely have opinions on flowers, but all moms agree, that they love ALL flowers!

          TOP TIP:  When ordering Mother's Day flowers, ask the professional for advice. An example would be that some mothers love bright colors, where others prefer pastels. It's our job to ask you the right questions, and to create a custom bouquet that will make your mom smile. 



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We can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful job. The purple orchids were such a hit, so many comments, so memorable! You were so wonderful to work with.